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Heavy Equipment Repair Plant Varanasi

02-March-2024 09:57 AM

In line with BHEL's objective of providing quality service atdoorsteps, HERP was established in the vicinity of National Power capital belt of India.HERP has progressed by leaps & bounds tilldate,achieving aturnover of Rs. 403 Crore in the year 2013-14. Starting as amanufacturer of mainly O&M spares for Bowl Mills XRP-603 &XRP-803 family (Up to 210MW), Repair activities took offon firm footing in 1990 when rabbiting of TG set bearings was taken up.With Passage of time, HERP has developed the capability of manufacturing all sub-assemblies and spares of Bowl Mills upto XRP-1043 family (600 MW). HERP has also diversified in manufacturing of Steam Turbine Spares (up to 600 MW) , Hydro Turbine Spares and Load Hangers. Since its inception, HERP has successfully discharged the responsibility of providing urgent repair and spare services for Thermal Power Plants all over the country which has resulted in minimising the downtime. Apart from conventional spares and assemblies of Bowl Mills & Steam Turbines, HERP is also manufacturing and supplying Bowl Mill foundation items, Tools & Accessories, Seal Air Headers, and Turbine Tools and Tackles (required for erection and commissioning/ major overhaul of turbines) for various power projects.




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